Charity organizations we have donated towards

Officers Down Memorial Page - Criss Angel Foundation - Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund - JED Foundation - LA Food Bank - Opportunity Village Las Vegas - Autism speaks - Toys for tots -

About Us


Where Automotive Passion Meets Philanthropy and Tradition

Secret Society is your gateway to a community where the love for automotive culture intersects with a profound commitment to philanthropy, supporting small businesses, and honoring family values. From California to Texas, we're a tight-knit group dedicated to celebrating hobbies, giving back, and driving with respect and honor. At Secret Society, we live and breathe automotive culture, celebrating the diversity and beauty of all things automotive.


Driven by Philanthropy:

We're not just car enthusiasts. We're committed to making a positive impact by supporting charities and volunteering our time while fund raising for organizations making a difference in our local communities.


Supporting Small Businesses:

We champion local businesses, fostering connections and contributing to our local economies. Networking is our tool to growth.


Honoring Family Values:

Respect, honor, and unity are at the core of our club, creating a family-like atmosphere among our members.


Respectful and Honorable on the Roads:

We drive responsibly, setting an example for others and promoting safe, courteous road behavior.

Join Secret Society and be part of a community where passion, purpose, legacy, and honor come together. Welcome to a world where car culture is all of us.


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